Commander Motion Controller Core (CMD-4CR) is an advanced, self-contained and programmable four-axis hybrid motion controller. The basic design of the Commander offers OEMs the convenience of a standard controller and the technology of a fully engineered controller. As such it exhibits the best qualities of both types of controllers:

  • Faster path-to-market
  • Flexible design that fits a large range of applications
  • No sacrifice to controller capabilities and processing speed
  • Easily scalable from prototype to production with no software changes required
  • Simple to use
  • Cost-effective

The Commander core architecture allows for easy integration into custom hardware.  Communication to the Commander core can be established over USB, Serial (RS-485, I2C, SPI) or Ethernet. It is possible to download four standalone programs to the device and have it run independently of a host.

The Commander core is a CMOS hybrid IC designed to provide the oscillating, high-speed pulses needed to drive stepper motors and digital servomotors (pulse string input types) using various commands. It can offer various types of control over the pulse strings and therefore the motor performance. These include continuous feeding, positioning, and origin return, at a constant speed, and linear or S-curve acceleration/deceleration.

The Commander core controls four axes. It can control the linear interpolation of two to four axes, circular interpolation between any two axes, confirm controller operation status, and output an interrupt with various conditions. It also integrates an interface for servo motor drivers.

These functions can be used with simple commands. The intelligent design philosophy reduces the burden on the CPU. Commander is a robust and powerful controller with numerous operating capabilities. 

The following topics and chapters can be found in this manual: