Picture of three CMD-4EX-SACMD-4EX-SA is the next-generation advanced 4-axis stepper/servo standalone programmable motion controller from Nippon Pulse, based on the Commander motion controller core (CMD-4CR).

Communication to the CMD-4EX-SA can be established over USB or RS-485. It is possible to download a standalone program to the device and have it run independently of a host.

This manual covers the mechanical and electrical specifications related to the CMD-4EX-SA. For more information regarding the command set and operations, see the Commander manual and NPA Command Reference. For additional support-related documentation regarding firmware updates and the available software, please see our support site at https://support.nipponpulse.com/.


Model Numbers

       Top Board Options

Supporting Parts

       IO Breakout board (JBD-4EX-I26)

       40-Pin IO cable (210-130-01)

Din Rail Mounting Kit (KIT-4EX-DIN)

Base Plate (300-300-01)

Replacement Connectors

For use with CMD-4EX-SA-TBD controller

               2-Pin Motor Power cable (210-244-01)

               Stepper Motors for TBD

Communication Interface

USB Communication

Serial Communication


       CMD-4EX-SA-TB_(With Top Board)

       CMD-4EX-SA (Standalone)




2-PIN Logic power connector

3-PIN RS-485 connector

USB connector

10-PIN DIO connector (High speed Input/Output)

40-PIN DIO connector (I/O Expansion Connector)

CMD-4EX-SA Standalone Version

Top Board

Safety and Encoder inputs

14-PIN Motion Input Connector

8-PIN Encoder Input Connectors

TBB connections

10-PIN TBB Axis Connectors

TBD connections

2-PIN TBD Power Connectors

4-PIN TBD Axis Connectors

TBS connections 

8-PIN TBS Axis Connectors


10-PIN J3 General I/O (1-10) connector

10-PIN J2 General I/O (11-20) connector

8-PIN J4 General I/O (21-26 Opto power) connector

8-PIN J5 SD, E-Stop, Ext Start connector

8-PIN J6 Analog In/Out J6_2 (Joystick) connector

40-PIN DIO connector (I/O Expansion Connector)

Interface circuit

Electrical and Thermal Specifications

Contact Information