The Nippon Pulse Terminal utility software is available in two versions.  

RunNPTerminal.exe            which is the portable version

NPTerminal.exe            which is the version that must be installed with an installer app

The only difference between the two is where the files are stored. Everything else in the manual applies to both versions. 

The Nippon Pulse Terminal utility software is available for downloaded from this link > Portable V2.49-P  > Installed V2.49

The Nippon Pulse Terminal utility software has only one screen.

The background of the main screen will change colors based on the mode the Nippon Pulse Terminal is running in:

Gray: Normal Terminal mode

Pink: Sending ASCII commands or loading/parsing of the ASCII program 

Orange: Running ASCII Program

Yellow: Running Auto Control Script

Normal Terminal mode

This screen is designed to give easy access to all the functions of the terminal program.

Click on a button or feature in the image below to learn more about it.

Device selection RefreshLanguage select Terminal Display area Terminal Display mode SaveClear Terminal Display Command Entry Send command Clear Command input boxDelay progress barAttach to Function KeyClear Text after SendFunction Key Function Key ListAttach History Item to Function KeyRecord HistoryHistory ListClear HistoryInsert buttonsCommander DLL VersionHelp fileRefreshHelpFunction SelectFunction Key ListHistory ListAttach History ItemLanguage SelectDLL Version