Welcome to the Nippon Pulse firmware update guide. This guide provides you with everything you need to successfully update the firmware on your Commander series product.

If you would like to learn more about what the term firmware means, what a firmware update is, and why your Commander needs a firmware update, please take the time to review the article What is a firmware update?

If you are new to updating the Commander firmware or need a step-by-step guide to direct you, make full use of the update walk-through.

If you only need links to download the software, firmware, or guides for using the firmware updates, they are also provided.

Not all firmware updates are compatible with all Commander products. To avoid applying the wrong update to your device, always follow the instructions in this guide when installing firmware. 

Ensure that the power supplied and the USB communication are stable before beginning an update. 

Please update your Commander carefully as it may not be possible to recover it. Also confirm that the new firmware is compatible with your Commander product. Otherwise, the firmware update may overwrite the old microcode with a new program that may not be compatible with your model. Incorrectly installing or installing the wrong firmware update can damage your device or completely kill it. If this occurs, it is necessary to return the bricked Commander to Nippon Pulse to have the firmware reinstalled.

The topics covered by this guide:

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