The Nippon Pulse GUI programs are designed to support multiple languages. Nippon Pulse GUI programs can fully support any ASCII or Unicode language. It does this by using language packets. 

A copy of the Language Editor does not ship with the Commander products but can be downloaded from this link.

The Language translation for the Nippon Pulse GUI programs is fully supported by volunteers. We at Nippon Pulse are thankful to all who have assisted in this effort; however Nippon Pulse cannot guarantee the accuracy of the translation. If you find errors and would like to correct and/or improve the translation, we have supplied the Nippon Pulse App Language Editor.

The Nippon Pulse App Language Editor was developed to make formatting or editing a language packet simple. For each software package there is a different template.  The templates that are available on your local system will be displayed in the Available Template window. You can change the template at any time by selecting a different one.  

Language packet being editedTranslation windowUpdate Language PacketAvailable templatesTemplate display window

Adding a new Language

If you would like to add a new language, please contact Nippon Pulse ( for a new language packet. The new language packet should be copied to the correct folder [...\AppLanguages\]. You can then open the Nippon Pulse App Language Editor [langeditDDT.EXE] in the base program directory.

Submitting a correction and/or improving the translation

Any updates or improvements to a translation are greatly appreciated and will help everyone. To submit your changes, copy the language packet that was updated from the [...\AppLanguages\] folder and send to Nippon Pulse ( Please include a note if you would like to be credited with the creation, corrections, or improvements in the help documentation.