The Commander core gives each device a unique identification number, allowing up to 64 devices to be connected to the same host. If multiple devices are connected to the host, the identification number for each device should be unique.

By default, all Commander cores are shipped from the factory with identification number 01. The current identification number of a device can be found by reading the ID command. Also, the device name will always include the current identification number. For USB communication the device name will be "CMD-4CR-xx" where xx is the identification number of the device. For serial communication, only the identification number of the device is used.

In order to change the identification number of the device, first store the desired number using the ID command. Note that this value must be within the range [00-69].

For example, the command ID=02 can be sent to change the identification number to 02. To save a modified identification number to the flash memory of the device, use the STORE command. The new identification number will not take effect until after a power cycle.

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