• Copying any part of this manual without written approval is prohibited.
  • The specifications of this controller may be changed to improve performance or quality without prior notice.
  • Although this manual was produced with the utmost care, if you find any points that are unclear, incorrect, or have inadequate descriptions, please let us know. The best way to do this is by clicking the Page issue? at the bottom of the page where you believe there is an issue.  This will send NPA an e-mail with the link to the page, and you can describe the issue that you found and we can correct it quickly.
  • We are not responsible for any results that occur from using this controller, regardless of the item above.
  • The Commander core is designed for use in commercial apparatus (office machines, communication equipment, measuring equipment, and household appliances). If you use it in any device that may require high quality and reliability, or where faults or malfunctions may directly injure humans or endanger human survival (such as in nuclear power control devices, aviation devices or spacecraft, traffic signals, fire control, or various types of safety devices), we will not be liable for any problem that occurs, even if it was directly caused by the Commander core. Customers must provide their own safety measures to ensure appropriate performance in all circumstances.

Explanation of the descriptions in this manual

  • The "X" "Y" "Z" and "U" of terminal names and bit names refer to the X-axis, Y-axis, Z-axis, and U-axis, respectively.
  • Terminals with a / (ex. /RST) are negative logic. Their logic cannot be changed. Terminals without a / are positive logic. Their output logic can be changed.
  • When describing the bits in registers, "n" refers to the bit position. A "0" means that the bit is in position 0 and that it is prohibited to write to any bit other than "0." Finally, this bit will always return a "0" when read out.

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