The Commander core is a HID device and is USB 2.0 compliant. No additional USB drivers are needed to communicate with the Commander core. All USB communication is done using an ASCII command protocol. Nippon Pulse provides an DLL/API to simplify the connection between your software and the Commander via the USB port.

All firmware updates for the Commander core require a USB connection between the computer running the update software and the Commander core. Nippon Pulse strongly recommended that your design includes a USB 2.0 connection to the Commander to allow for future updates.

When using a breakout board or the CMD-4EX-SA, the Commander core can be connected to a PC directly via USB or through a USB hub, allowing for multiple units to connect and communicate at once. Nippon Pulse suggest that all USB cables should have noise suppression ferrite choke, such as the Tripp Lite U023-006, to avoid communication loss or interruption.

When designing your own PCB, please follow the layout guidelines as outlined by the USB 2.0 specifications. D+/D- traces should be the same length, maintain a nominally 90Ω differential impedance, and have a continuous ground plane directly beneath the D+/D- traces and extend at least five times the spacing width to either side of the D+/D- traces.

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