Closes a HANDLE* previously opened on a Commander core HID device. The handle cannot be used for communication once this function is called. Returns 1 if successful, 0 if unsuccessful.

It is recommended that you close all handles when you end the program.


HANDLE* pHandle        Device handle

The device handle is acquired by the function, OpenCommanderHID


Int type

0                Send Receive failed

1                Send Receive success

Other (-value)        Host communication failed (Communication Error Codes)


  1. VC

int result;                                        //  Function result

HANDLE devHandle;                                //  Device handle

result = CloseCommanderHID (devHandle);        //  Close the handle

  1. VB

Public devHandle As Integer                        ‘  Device handle

Dim result as Integer                                ‘  Function result

result = CloseCommanderHID (devHandle);        ‘  Close the handle

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